Silicone Stylus Tether


What's a ZoopLoop?

ZoopLoop is a tether made of pliable silicone that secures your stylus, digital pen or electronic pencil to your tablet case.  

Why a  ZoopLoop?

Whether you've spent twenty dollars on a generic stylus or one hundred and twenty on an Apple Pencil, the inconvenience of losing your digital pen is priceless. So get the security of knowing that when your stylus makes it out of the case, it will always make it back in...with the strong, sleek, flexible ZoopLoop.


One end zoops securely around your stylus, the other loops through any port opening in your tablet case. 

  • Durable, high quality silicone
  • 20 3/4" long, 1/4" wide (w/o string)
  • Does not break down into smaller particles harmful to our wildlife

  • Simple to install
  • Fits any standard sized stylus *(6.85 to 9.39mm)
  • Fits Apple Pencil, Microsoft Surface Pen, Samsung S Pen, Remarkable pen & more.
  • *Note: Please check the diameter of your stylus carefully. The slim and wider styluses may not be compatible with ZoopLoop.
  • Soft to the touch
  • Won't scratch your tablet
  • Will adhere to the magnetic strip of your iPad while attached

Uninterrupted Wireless Charging

Because the sleek design won’t interfere with the magnetic charging strip on your tablet and will support charging through the protective layer of some of the heavier duty cases, once your ZoopLoop is on your electronic pencil, you’ll never have to take it off again. 

Please note: Some cases may have a hard plastic pencil holder that might not fit or be compatible with charging while the ZoopLoop is attached.

Don't want to take our word for how good the product is, here's what some users are saying...

Spencer, Lafayette, CA

I love to draw and use my ipad to create special slice of life drawings. The Apple Pencil is a huge part of the process and the program I use to create my work. Finally, there's something that will keep my stylus from falling in between the couch cushions or getting lost in my backpack. So nice to not  panic and have to go searching for a lost stylus!
Lori, Gilroy, CA

I'm so happy to have found this! I kept misplacing my Apple Pencil and didn't want to lose it! I'm able to loop it  through my camera porthole on my iPad case and it doesn't interfere with photos. The ZoopLoop has been a blessing that I didn't even know I needed
Christine, Torrance, CA

I love my ZoopLoop! I always stressed about losing my Apple Pencil whenever I would use it... that it would fall and break or slip into an abyss somewhere. So glad to find this simple but ingenious tool that not only grips my stylus, but keeps it within reach. It's a handy little holder! My iPad has a magnetic smart case & it holds the strap sturdily!
Dara, Altadena, CA

ZoopLoop is the solution to every working person's tablet use. Whether you're on the go or at home, you'll never misplace your stylus again!
Courts, Overland Park, KS

I can't believe there has been nothing on the market to protect my expensive Apple Pencil from loss...until now! Using the ZoopLoop has freed up space in my brain so I don't need to think about where I last set my digital stylus. And... it attaches to the iPad magnet & charges with ease.Thanks for creating such a useful product!
Rachel, Los Angeles, CA
Rockin with my ZoopLoop on the set of Fantasy Island. (Fox)

Worried you'll misplace your expensive electronic pencil?  Afraid you're going to lose it for good? 

Then you NEED ZoopLoop!