Our Story

Covid changed the way things had always been done in the television industry.  As Script Supervisors, we had to quickly adapt.  Paper scripts and pens were out, tablets and styluses were in.  But, within three hours of receiving her Apple Pencil, Carolita had misplaced it.  There was  obviously a need for a device that would protect our investment.  We searched and searched, but found nothing.  So...we created ZoopLoop.

Carolita Blythe

Born in Jamaica, Carolita first met her parents when she was six years old.  She was then raised  in Brooklyn as an only child--even though she had eight siblings. Try figuring out that math! She spent a good deal of time getting into trouble with her free spirited (aka “truant”) little friends, then embellishing to try and get out of said trouble.  Not much of a surprise then that she ended up authoring two novels and working in television.  While she never seems to be at a loss for words, she's always losing her personal belongings, which led to the idea for ZoopLoop. 

Sheri Selling

Sheri was born and raised in Southern California & has worked in television for over 30 years, but creating a product that will be useful for many has been her career highlight!  2020 was a year of personal loss and medical challenges for Sheri, but in the midst of all that, an idea for a product to protect her expensive stylus was sparked!  A conversation with Carolita solidified the idea... and the concept of ZoopLoop was born!

We think you'll be jumping for joy too!