At ZoopLoop, the most important voice, by far, belongs to you, our customers. But as a testament to our product, we have garnered some praiseworthy media mentions. Allow us to share a few with you. 

With 2700 companies exhibiting at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas each year, standing out is not an easy feat. ZoopLoop might not be one of the more high-profile products, but for anyone who uses a tablet and stylus, it might be one of the most necessary; something that drew KTLA tech reporter Rich DeMuro to our booth.

MacVoices is one of the top internet shows catering to the Apple community. Host Chuck Joiner has been keeping his audiences informed about new developments in technology since 2000. Recognizing how beneficial ZoopLoop would be to his viewers, Chuck interviewed Sheri for one of his show's installments. 

Our CES 2024 journey saw us as Industry Attendees, as opposed to vendors. It gave us a different perspective of the electronics trade show. Great to be inluded in the CES '24 Compilation Video, which aired on Bloomberg TV, American Airlines, Airport TV, VIP Lounge Network, and various other sites and blogs.

InTouch Magazine

January 22, 2024 

Hot pick for securing your digital stylus

Star Magazine

January 22, 2024

Hot tech of the week

Life &Style Magazine

January 29, 2024

Obsessing over this tech accessory


18 Best Production Gear Solutions...

From digital tools to keep you organized to reusable dishware for snacks, here are 18 must-have on set gear... 

The ZoopLoop

Created by two Hollywood script supervisors,  ZoopLoop is quickly becoming a must-have for iPad users on set. Whether you’ve spent twenty dollars on a generic stylus or $100+ on an Apple Pencil, the inconvenience of losing your digital pen is priceless. Keep your stylus tethered to your device with the strong, flexible ZoopLoop.

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Switching 2 Mac

How to Find a Lost or Stolen Apple Pencil

by Sydney Butler

If you've misplaced your Apple Pencil (Amazon, Best Buy) or worry about it being lost or stolen, you can do a few things to get it back or prevent it from getting lost...

Use an Apple Pencil  Tether

A great example is the ZoopLoop tether, which works with the 1st Generation and 2nd Generation Apple Pencil and several other popular styluses. 

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Gadget Flow

10 EDC Gadgets That Make On-The-Go Work Easier

You work remotely. And, while you're free to work anywhere, that doesn't mean you can rely on your laptop alone.  Nope, working on the move requires a truly portable setup, complete with work-friendly earbuds, a compact mouse, and a warrior of a charger. To help you find the best, we're rounding up 10 EDC gadgets that make on-the-go easier...

The ZoopLoop silicone stylus tether secures your stylus to your tablet or phone case, so you don't lose it. Get it for $14.99 on Amazon.

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